8 Reasons Why Everyone Should Foster a Dog

8. Dogs are really freaking cute.
I had to start at the most obvious: Dogs are undeniably adorable, and that makes doggy foster parents adorable by association. So go ahead and Instagram that cute-as-pie picture of you and your furry foster friend. Your followers will thank you.

7.Dogs are a great way to meet new people
Whether you’re walking your dog around town or hanging out together in a coffee shop, dog attract people. They’re great ice breakers, especially when they come with great foster stories.

6. Dogs help make you a better person.
When you have a dog, you’re forced to get up earlier, exercise more and interact with people you may have never met before. All of these tiny nudges outside of your comfort zone are great for growth.

5. Dogs always let you pick what to watch on Netflix.
You know what I mean – You want to watch Netflix but all of your usual trusty companions are way behind in the latest seasons of your favorite shows. A foster dog not only will always let you pick what you watch, but they’ll also happily snuggle next to you the entire time.
4. Fostering dogs is a great way to give back.
Auburn is a community that does so much for everyone living inside of it. It’s about time you gave back.

3. Dogs reduce stress.
So do glasses of wine, but who says you couldn’t use both?

2. Foster dogs are less commitment.
These animals are all the fun of a family pet without the added expense of vet bills or boarding costs.

1. You’re saving a life.
Yes, that sounds dramatic, but you actually are saving a life by fostering. For every dog that you take out of the shelter, another dog has a spot to find their second chance.

Auburn University Student Travels the World While Getting Degree

Zach Willard, an Auburn University student, has managed to travel to 16 countries while studying at Auburn University.

It all started when Willard decided to procrastinate an English assignment and found himself planning a 36-day trip around Asia.

Willard has traveled to 16 countries as a student, traveling in 7 of those countries as part of his Auburn University Industrial Design study abroad program. He notes that his travels with the program have influenced his work, saying “Travel gives good perspective in what is representative to each area of the world. Design is very different in different places.”

His travel has not gone without consequence, however, as Willard has learned to live on only $50 per month in the United States in order to save for travels abroad.

As for advice that Willard has for other students hoping to follow the same path he’s chosen: “Plan, schedule and save carefully. And never leave your backpack with your passport and all of your belongings on a train in Italy.”

Willard is on the fast track to achieving his life goal of graduating early while becoming well-traveled, with his graduation set this December.

Student Takes Flight to New Opportunities

When most people are exploring new hobbies, they consider sports, clubs or crafting. Christopher Corbin had something else in mind: taking flight. Corbin began his flight education at Auburn University his senior year. Most people in his program were looking for careers in aviation. As an entrepreneurship and family business major, Corbin was looking for something else – an opportunity to get high in the sky just for fun. Photo courtesy of Christopher Corbin

“The best part about learning to fly was the freedom,” Corbin remembers fondly. “I was doing something that no one I knew was. It was a great opportunity to branch out from the norm.”

It wasn’t all roses and fluffy clouds, however. Corbin had to cancel training flights due to poor weather over 40 times. His program was difficult and expanded past his graduation from Auburn University. But after rigorous testing, 64 lessons and 80 hours of flight-time training, Corbin completed his program. He completed the program in just over a year.

Today, Corbin’s experience in the sky continues to be a positive part of his life. As he interviews for jobs, Corbin always mentions how the Auburn flight program taught him taught him about determination, branching out and learning new skills. He also finds himself back at Auburn University often, almost always with the intention of renting the very planes in which he learned to fly, just for fun.

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When the Love for Your Dog has No Limits

In an age where puppy paw print tattoos are seen as the epitome of a tribute to your four-legged pal, one woman took her love for her late dog to a whole new level. Here Molly Girl, a company focusing on web, analytics and design, was born out of inspiration from a wet-nosed pup named Molly. Katy Doss, the company’s creator and owner, celebrates the energy, drive and spirit that Molly gave her through her company, whose logo even features a dog in sunglasses.

Doss’s face lights up every time that someone asks where the name for her company originated. Doss said “I just remember calling my dog by saying ‘here Molly girl!’ and the feeling I got when I saw her happy face bounding up the stairs. I want to give my customers that same feeling of happiness when I put a project out for them or see them around town. I love my dogs, and I love my job.”

Molly, who was a black and white pit bull mix, can now be seen commemorated on Here Molly Girl promotional stickers, folders, cups and more.

“As a dog lover, knowing that the company that I hired to manage my website was named after Katy’s loyal companion makes my heart warm. I wish I could have met Molly, but I’ll settle for seeing for her face on all of our shared documents,” jokes Bonnie Parker, co-owner of Parker Cornea, a medical practice out of Birmingham, Alabama.

Those who know Doss and her love for dogs, especially bully breeds, are rarely surprised to hear that her business was inspired by one. Doss continues to be inspired by the two pets she has at home, pit bull mixes named Heidi and Lilly.
Doss said “it’s hard to feel like you’re working when you can look next to your desk and see two happy faces looking back up at you. When they want to play I just tell them that I’m working so I can afford the dog beds they rip up.”

Molly made such an impact on Doss’s life and career aspirations that Here Molly Girl’s first clients were Molly’s vets at Moores Mill Animal Hospital.

Auburn, Alabama – The Last Place I Wanted to Be

Alice grew up in Auburn, Alabama. She lived in a lovely home blocks from downtown. And she counted down the days until she got to leave. Alice Marson didn’t always love the little town that sits on the plains. She hated it so much, in fact, that she packed up and fled to the University of Georgia after her graduation from Auburn High School. “I didn’t have a good reason why. I guess it was a combination of Auburn being a small town that I knew like the back of my hand and a feeling of restriction stemming from knowing seemingly everyone. I sat in the same stands my whole life, and I needed a change.” Photo courtesy of Auburn University 

For the first couple of months, Alice embraced the change. She loved exploring a new city and making new friends who knew nothing of her middle school awkwardness. She threw herself into clubs, her sorority and her newly blossoming friendships. But something was missing.

“It was the little things,” Alice remembered. She missed her favorite café, which now sits on Magnolia Ave. where Behind the Glass calls home. She missed her family, especially her father with whom she had a special bond. She missed taking her dogs to Auburn’s many parks and dog-friendly stores. Alice found herself moving back home to Auburn, despite her sorority sisters’ pleas for her to stay. And it was like she never missed a beat.

Alice was welcomed back into her little town as if she had never left. She discovered new parts of the tiny town she had dismissed. She spent afternoons sipping the famous Toomer’s Lemonade and sitting on the Samford Lawn that she took for granted. 10 years later, Alice is raising a family in Auburn, Alabama.

“I guess what I didn’t realize is that Auburn is an amazing place. I wanted to reject it because it was what I knew my whole life, but the reality is that Auburn is a really special place full of kind people and charming culture. There was nothing wrong with UGA except that it wasn’t Auburn, and Auburn is home.”