8 Reasons Why Everyone Should Foster a Dog

8. Dogs are really freaking cute.
I had to start at the most obvious: Dogs are undeniably adorable, and that makes doggy foster parents adorable by association. So go ahead and Instagram that cute-as-pie picture of you and your furry foster friend. Your followers will thank you.

7.Dogs are a great way to meet new people
Whether you’re walking your dog around town or hanging out together in a coffee shop, dog attract people. They’re great ice breakers, especially when they come with great foster stories.

6. Dogs help make you a better person.
When you have a dog, you’re forced to get up earlier, exercise more and interact with people you may have never met before. All of these tiny nudges outside of your comfort zone are great for growth.

5. Dogs always let you pick what to watch on Netflix.
You know what I mean – You want to watch Netflix but all of your usual trusty companions are way behind in the latest seasons of your favorite shows. A foster dog not only will always let you pick what you watch, but they’ll also happily snuggle next to you the entire time.
4. Fostering dogs is a great way to give back.
Auburn is a community that does so much for everyone living inside of it. It’s about time you gave back.

3. Dogs reduce stress.
So do glasses of wine, but who says you couldn’t use both?

2. Foster dogs are less commitment.
These animals are all the fun of a family pet without the added expense of vet bills or boarding costs.

1. You’re saving a life.
Yes, that sounds dramatic, but you actually are saving a life by fostering. For every dog that you take out of the shelter, another dog has a spot to find their second chance.

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