Auburn, Alabama – The Last Place I Wanted to Be

Alice grew up in Auburn, Alabama. She lived in a lovely home blocks from downtown. And she counted down the days until she got to leave. Alice Marson didn’t always love the little town that sits on the plains. She hated it so much, in fact, that she packed up and fled to the University of Georgia after her graduation from Auburn High School. “I didn’t have a good reason why. I guess it was a combination of Auburn being a small town that I knew like the back of my hand and a feeling of restriction stemming from knowing seemingly everyone. I sat in the same stands my whole life, and I needed a change.” Photo courtesy of Auburn University 

For the first couple of months, Alice embraced the change. She loved exploring a new city and making new friends who knew nothing of her middle school awkwardness. She threw herself into clubs, her sorority and her newly blossoming friendships. But something was missing.

“It was the little things,” Alice remembered. She missed her favorite café, which now sits on Magnolia Ave. where Behind the Glass calls home. She missed her family, especially her father with whom she had a special bond. She missed taking her dogs to Auburn’s many parks and dog-friendly stores. Alice found herself moving back home to Auburn, despite her sorority sisters’ pleas for her to stay. And it was like she never missed a beat.

Alice was welcomed back into her little town as if she had never left. She discovered new parts of the tiny town she had dismissed. She spent afternoons sipping the famous Toomer’s Lemonade and sitting on the Samford Lawn that she took for granted. 10 years later, Alice is raising a family in Auburn, Alabama.

“I guess what I didn’t realize is that Auburn is an amazing place. I wanted to reject it because it was what I knew my whole life, but the reality is that Auburn is a really special place full of kind people and charming culture. There was nothing wrong with UGA except that it wasn’t Auburn, and Auburn is home.”

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