Auburn University Student Travels the World While Getting Degree

Zach Willard, an Auburn University student, has managed to travel to 16 countries while studying at Auburn University.

It all started when Willard decided to procrastinate an English assignment and found himself planning a 36-day trip around Asia.

Willard has traveled to 16 countries as a student, traveling in 7 of those countries as part of his Auburn University Industrial Design study abroad program. He notes that his travels with the program have influenced his work, saying “Travel gives good perspective in what is representative to each area of the world. Design is very different in different places.”

His travel has not gone without consequence, however, as Willard has learned to live on only $50 per month in the United States in order to save for travels abroad.

As for advice that Willard has for other students hoping to follow the same path he’s chosen: “Plan, schedule and save carefully. And never leave your backpack with your passport and all of your belongings on a train in Italy.”

Willard is on the fast track to achieving his life goal of graduating early while becoming well-traveled, with his graduation set this December.

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