When the Love for Your Dog has No Limits

In an age where puppy paw print tattoos are seen as the epitome of a tribute to your four-legged pal, one woman took her love for her late dog to a whole new level. Here Molly Girl, a company focusing on web, analytics and design, was born out of inspiration from a wet-nosed pup named Molly. Katy Doss, the company’s creator and owner, celebrates the energy, drive and spirit that Molly gave her through her company, whose logo even features a dog in sunglasses.

Doss’s face lights up every time that someone asks where the name for her company originated. Doss said “I just remember calling my dog by saying ‘here Molly girl!’ and the feeling I got when I saw her happy face bounding up the stairs. I want to give my customers that same feeling of happiness when I put a project out for them or see them around town. I love my dogs, and I love my job.”

Molly, who was a black and white pit bull mix, can now be seen commemorated on Here Molly Girl promotional stickers, folders, cups and more.

“As a dog lover, knowing that the company that I hired to manage my website was named after Katy’s loyal companion makes my heart warm. I wish I could have met Molly, but I’ll settle for seeing for her face on all of our shared documents,” jokes Bonnie Parker, co-owner of Parker Cornea, a medical practice out of Birmingham, Alabama.

Those who know Doss and her love for dogs, especially bully breeds, are rarely surprised to hear that her business was inspired by one. Doss continues to be inspired by the two pets she has at home, pit bull mixes named Heidi and Lilly.
Doss said “it’s hard to feel like you’re working when you can look next to your desk and see two happy faces looking back up at you. When they want to play I just tell them that I’m working so I can afford the dog beds they rip up.”

Molly made such an impact on Doss’s life and career aspirations that Here Molly Girl’s first clients were Molly’s vets at Moores Mill Animal Hospital.

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