Student Takes Flight to New Opportunities

When most people are exploring new hobbies, they consider sports, clubs or crafting. Christopher Corbin had something else in mind: taking flight. Corbin began his flight education at Auburn University his senior year. Most people in his program were looking for careers in aviation. As an entrepreneurship and family business major, Corbin was looking for something else – an opportunity to get high in the sky just for fun. Photo courtesy of Christopher Corbin

“The best part about learning to fly was the freedom,” Corbin remembers fondly. “I was doing something that no one I knew was. It was a great opportunity to branch out from the norm.”

It wasn’t all roses and fluffy clouds, however. Corbin had to cancel training flights due to poor weather over 40 times. His program was difficult and expanded past his graduation from Auburn University. But after rigorous testing, 64 lessons and 80 hours of flight-time training, Corbin completed his program. He completed the program in just over a year.

Today, Corbin’s experience in the sky continues to be a positive part of his life. As he interviews for jobs, Corbin always mentions how the Auburn flight program taught him taught him about determination, branching out and learning new skills. He also finds himself back at Auburn University often, almost always with the intention of renting the very planes in which he learned to fly, just for fun.

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